Stop getting
naked to pump.

Overall, these are a MUST. Anybody who is needing to pump at work in any field, buy these scrubs. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Melissa C.

The dress is amazing! I wish i had it when I started this nursing journey. Will def be using it when I go back to work.

Kara T.

I was so excited to find a dress I could breastfeed AND pump in! I feel confident and glamorous every time I wear it. It's functional and versatile.

Erika G.

Love, love, love this dress.
The quality and design is amazing. The dress also falls nicely, a true shift dress. 

Hairat B.

As a first time mom and exclusive pumper, I'm not sure how moms survived without this dress in their wardrobe!

Danielle G.





Made for You

Founded by Moni, a working mom who got sick of stripping naked to pump at the office and dreamed up a solution to bring breastfeeding women a clothing line that lets them stay dressed while they pump. #KeepYourDressOn