In November 2018, Moni Gerbini Hershenhorn, the visionary founder behind Boosé®, faced a pivotal moment. She had just returned to her high-powered role as a sports sales executive after twelve weeks of precious maternity leave. Little did she know, her first day back would lead to a game-changing revelation.

Picture this: Moni found herself in a makeshift mother's room, gears shifting from boardrooms to baby bottles. It was time for her first pumping session, and she felt utterly exposed, sitting there in makeshift accommodations. It was a moment that many new mothers can relate to—caught between the demands of motherhood and the corporate world.

Nights and weekends became more than just downtime; they were a breeding ground for innovation. Moni's determination to spare other new moms from similar vulnerability sparked the birth of Boosé®.

Boosé® isn't just clothing; it's confidence in fabric form. It's the assurance that you can conquer both the professional and nurturing aspects of your life without compromise. Our line is designed to empower women, providing them with the security they need to excel in both their breastfeeding and career journeys.

When you wear Boosé®, you stay dressed, no matter where life takes you. It's not just fashion; it's a statement—a testament to the strength of mothers who refuse to compromise.