Our Story

In November of 2018 Boosé® founder, Moni Gerbini Hershenhorn, was back for her first day of work as a successful sports sales executive. After twelve weeks of maternity leave, she found herself naked in the makeshift mother's room for her first pumping session. 

Nights and weekends were spent brainstorming how to design and develop a dress so no new mom would find herself in the same bare situation. As a result, Boosé® was born.

As a new mom, when you return to work your worlds can often feel like they’re colliding. One moment you’re feeling solid with your day to day rhythm, the next, you’re pumping naked in the mother’s room and can hear the president of your company on the other side of the door helping himself to the buffet spread. In that moment, you feel exposed. 

Boosé® brings women confidence. It gives them security and enables them to succeed in both their breastfeeding and career journeys. Boosé® is a clothing line that lets women stay dressed while they pump.


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