Retirement letter to my female colleagues.

Retirement letter to my female colleagues.
I am retiring next month after 36 years with this l firm.  It has been a joyful, thrilling ride as a lawyer-mom.  My career could have derailed any number of times.  That it didn’t is largely thanks to all of you.
Thanks to the woman who caught the pacifier that my gesture launched across the conference table, and who pocketed it without smirking.
Thanks to the woman who fended off clueless inquirers when I used my 100-decibel breast pump in my unlockable office.  What about the big picture of a cow on my door didn’t they all understand?
Thanks to the woman whose toddler kept mine entertained at the office late into the night as we pounded out an appellate brief. I had to put the brief on the plane myself to get it to the court in time, but without your help, even that wouldn’t have been possible!
Thanks to the woman who got me through the holidays when both of my kids had chicken pox, Tony was out of town, Nona had the flu and a summary judgment motion was due.  
Thanks to the woman who helped me to remote-office so I could welcome my grandson into the world.  She said “we’re going to make this work.”  And she did.
Colleagues, I can never repay your comfort and your inspiration.  But perhaps I can pay a little comfort and inspiration forward by writing to the next generation of working mothers.  In short, I’m gonna blog.  So I’ll ask you one last favor: Wish me luck! 

With fondest regards,


Jean F. Gerbini, Esq. recently retired as Of Counsel to the Albany, New York law firm of Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP.  She and her husband, Antoine, successfully nurtured their two kids to adulthood -- with the help of colleagues, grannies, neighbors, nieces, friends, teachers, and a ridiculously long list of summer day camps.  She has the distinct pleasure to be the mother of Monica Hershenhorn, founder of BOOSÉ®.



READER COMMENTS, PLEASE--  Do you have a support group at work?  What kinds of things (serious or silly) has your support group done for you as a working mother?  Honestly, should there be a national holiday declared to honor these folks?